Students on our High Achievers+ Programme have been invited to attend support sessions. Our Oxbridge applicants have been to two Interview Preparation Sessions online in college.

The vast majority of universities do not interview applicants. But for students applying to Oxbridge (approx 46,000) each year, around 17% of applicants are invited for an interview for just 8,000 places across both universities.

The online support sessions were personalised based on what courses the students had applied for. All Upper Sixth students who have applied to Oxford, Cambridge, the universities in the Sutton 30 group and Russell group across all subjects were invited. Also included, were those who had applied for highly competitive Medicine, Dentistry and Vet Science courses.

Dr Matt Williams (pictured) from Jesus College, University of Oxford, lead an engaging interactive session. Also leading an interactive, debate-based session with personalised questions was Tess Leyland, from Magdalene College, University of Cambridge.

Our students have also been supported with preparation for admissions tests too.

All Oxbridge and Med, Dent, Vet applicants will also be involved in interview preparation sessions over the next few weeks. These will include subject specific problem-solving sessions as well as 1:1 interviews with our High Achievers+ Coordinators, subject tutors, relevant professionals as well as some of our Carmel alumni.