We’re really pleased that our Foundation Learning students will be taking part in the Let’s Cook Project, funded by MRWA (Merseyside Recycling and Waste Authority) and Veolia.

Students will participate in twelve workshops which will focus on cooking and food waste reduction. This is a fantastic opportunity for them to enhance their daily living skills.

The first two sessions have been really enjoyable for our students. In Session 1 the group learnt about portion sizes and reducing food waste. Session 2 was about health and safety in which they identified kitchen hazards and how to avoid them as well as learning the importance of hygiene within the kitchen. They took part in a rather messy experiment which demonstrated how easily things can be contaminated.

As part of the programme there will be a weekly ‘top tip’. The first tip is: Always measure your food and be mindful of portion sizes. The more you cook and don’t use, the more you waste!

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