Congratulations to former student, Katy Lee, who is a finalist in the ‘My Hope for the Future’: children’s climate art competition.

Earlier this year, Sheffield-based charity, Hope for the Future, launched the competition challenging young people to create a piece of art that represents the current climate emergency.

Katy studied Maths, Further Maths and Fine Art at Carmel. She said she entered the competition because she wanted to raise awareness of global warming. She believes the little things we do could create a big difference to reduce the amount of Co2.

Katy commented: “Using art and imagery to convey a message was really interesting. My work shows burning hands harming the world, melting ice caps leading to rising sea levels.

“The hands in the sea represent people trying to catch and prevent the damage yet still drowning because there isn’t enough climate action to cancel out the damages we have already caused.

“The green hand stopping the flamed hand shows people taking climate action. We need to do more of this to protect the world we live in.”

‘My Hope for the Future’ held a virtual prize giving evening and celebration for all the students shortlisted in this year’s art competition. Katy didn’t win but will receive £100 to be split between herself and the college for being a finalist.

Many congratulations to Katy on your fantastic art creation and for your passionate attitude towards climate change.

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