Alumni student, Scott, has been in touch to let us know what he has been up to since he left Carmel in 2014. Scott has recently qualified from the University of Manchester, as a Registered General Nurse and from his quote below you can see he is very passionate about his career and helping take care of people! Scott said:

“During my two years at Carmel College, I studied for A Levels in maths, biology and chemistry, which were as tough as I expected them to be! I was fortunate enough to achieve great grades at the end of my studies, allowing me to secure a place at The University of Manchester School of Nursing and Midwifery, which is currently ranked the fourth best nursing school in the world. The course provided me with the theory, research and evidence underpinning modern nursing practice, which I could then implement whilst on clinical placements in various hospitals across Manchester. After three years of study, I have recently qualified as a Registered General Nurse, and am currently awaiting my first post on a surgical ward.

I owe a lot of what I have achieved to Carmel. The courses I studied were highly structured, and were taught by incredibly skilled staff, who provided me with endless support throughout my two years. Aside from my A level studies, Carmel also provided me with opportunities to develop as a person. The college allowed me to adjust my timetable so that I could get involved with the rugby league team and I tutored first year biology students, allowing me to develop not only my communication and team working abilities, but also my confidence. Going to university is a huge leap, and Carmel ensures that you are fully prepared to make the transition. Carmel is a tough two years, and you absolutely have to give it your all too truly reap the rewards. However, along the way, you receive so much support and guidance, and the teachers will push you to achieve your absolute best.

Nursing is a fantastic career. First and foremost, it is hugely rewarding. Every day you are granted the opportunity to enter into the lives of the most sick and vulnerable people in society, and truly make a difference to them and their families. You manage acutely unwell patients, using an array of clinical skills, skills you may have to use to save and sustain life. I would encourage absolutely anyone with an interest the sciences and a passion for care to consider nursing. The profession is rapidly developing, and there are so many opportunities for nurses to progress into advanced clinical roles, research and academia and leadership.

Thank you, Carmel!”

Thanks for getting in touch and we wish you the best of luck in your new career!