Former Media Studies student, Jack Yates, has landed his dream job working for Brick Fanatics.

We always love to hear from our former students, especially when they tell us the amazing things that they are doing now! Jack Yates got in touch with us recently to let us know that after graduating from Staffordshire University, he began a journalism career working on news, features and reviews for LEGO sets and models at Brick Fanatics!

Jack’s interest in Journalism stemmed from some work experience he took part in at a newspaper shortly after leaving high school. He then studied for A Levels in Media Studies, English Language and Statistics at Carmel College before leaving in 2017 to begin a Games Journalism and PR degree at Staffordshire University.

Jack said: “My time at Carmel gave me a real confidence boost. I made more friends than I had expected, given that I have Asperger’s Syndrome. I received lots of support from teachers inside and outside of lessons and was also encouraged to take part in extra-curricular activities. This included helping with a newsletter for Carmel College and additional qualifications later at university.

I loved my time at university thanks in no small part to the knowledge of media creation I gained at Carmel. Shortly after graduation I landed a full-time Journalism job working for Brick Fanatics (, a LEGO news site and registered member of the LEGO Group’s ambassador network. I have been writing there for over a year. My work includes news, features and reviews for LEGO sets and models. This career is nothing short of a dream job for me and I wholly believe that this journey started at Carmel College.”

Thanks for getting in touch Jack, best of luck for the future!