Great to hear from former BA Hons Graphic Design student, Rory Pyke, who is now working as a Business Development Executive at Eviid, a Liverpool based global technology company.

Rory looks back at his time at Carmel and explains how the skills he learnt throughout his education, helped him achieve the career he has today-

“I have always been very business minded and during my Graphic Design studies, I liked to create with substance and purpose. That’s what I loved about Graphic Design at the time; it allowed me to be extremely creative with the ideas that I had, which were usually of an entrepreneurial nature. Throughout my time at Carmel, I was always inspired to be as creative as possible, but always with purpose.

My current position is Business Development Executive at Eviid, a company that creates an innovative evidential media capturing app. The role includes is a mix of Marketing and Sales, which a perfect fit for me.”

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