The Eco Hive garden centre team was buzzing with activity on Tuesday 21st February as they proudly showcased their latest eco-friendly products.

In line with their commitment to sustainability, the foundation learning team has been hard at work crafting an array of products during their lessons. This weeks offerings included an assortment of treats such as sweets, cards, treat boxes, and specialty items like Malteser truffle cones and Ferrero Rocher cones. Additionally, students and staff can explore a range of handcrafted items including wax melts, soaps, beautiful floral arrangements, and pocket hugs.

As the team gears up for the upcoming spring season, the garden centre is now featuring an array of hanging baskets and planters available for purchase. Excitement is building as the Eco Hive team prepares to unveil a new collection of items, including bedding plants, vegetable seedlings, and herbs – perfect for those looking to cultivate their sustainable gardens.

 “We are thrilled to see the community embrace our sustainable creations,” said Joanne Barrett, Foundation Learning. “Our Tuesday store events provide an opportunity for students and staff to not only support our initiatives but also indulge in unique, environmentally-conscious products.”