Since the beginning of the lockdown period, our Get Active Co-ordinator, Dan Chapman (aka Chappers) has dedicated a lot of his time to keeping the Carmel Community spirit alive! During this time it has been really important for everyone across the country to stay active and adapt to new routines.

Home workouts

Over the last few weeks, Dan has put together several 30 minute full-body home workouts which can be viewed from the @getactivecarmel Instagram page. These easily accessible workouts have been great as they have not only helped students and staff to keep active, but they have been able to engage with one another and to see familiar faces from the college which has been lovely. The workouts take place 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12pm and are live and published on the page.

Weekly Challenges

Dan has also taken up a challenge every Tuesday at 10am #chappersweeklychallenge. You can find out how he got on every Friday at 4pm as he reveals the lengths he went to trying complete the challenge and whether he succeeded or not!

These have been a great laugh and several students and staff have also got a shout-out for taking up the challenge to see if they can beat him! Challenges have included getting a toilet roll from the ground to the top of your head without using your hands, to cracking an egg with your bicep!

Worldwide Challenges

Dan has also taken on challenges that are being completed around the world. These include Nike’s side step challenge and last week he competed the Climbing Mount Snowdon challenge from @wearedaytripper. This is a fantastic challenge as it really gets you moving! Dan climbed the mountain via the stairs in his house over 3 days! It took 4,610 steps up the stairs to match the equivalent of reaching the summit of Snowdon. He completed the challenge live on Instagram every day to motivate staff and students to get involved at the same time.

Recently Dan has also been taking part in the @run.for.heroes challenge where you run 5K, donate £5 and nominate 5 people to do the same. He has completed ten 5K runs over a two week period, nominating staff and students who follow the Get Active Carmel Instagram page. It has been a huge success and created a lot of engagement, keeping spirits high, whilst supporting a great cause.

Dan’s comments:

“The challenges themselves came about through my own personal love of a good old challenge. The social media presence of many athletes and icons in lockdown posting challenges to test their skills and push their bodies, inspired me to do my own that our students and staff could join in with.

“Thank you so much to everyone who has so far taken part so far! It has been such a pleasure for me to spread joy and laughter in the current circumstances and it has been great to keep our community moving. Together we are stronger, YNWA.”

Well done Dan! Your efforts in keeping everyone active and smiling have been amazing!

Are you up for the challenge? Check out all the challenges on the Get Active Carmel Instagram page @getactivecarmel #BringItOn #StayChappy