This summer a group of eleven students and their tutor had a fantastic opportunity to visit China!

It was a busy two weeks with plenty of sightseeing and sampling of local cuisine. They visited lots of interesting places including the Chinese Museum, the Terracotta Warriors Museum, Tiananmen Square, the Confucius Institute and the Jade Museum.

Another fantastic experience was enjoying an epic journey on the High Speed Bullet Train. The train is able to reach speeds up to 309km/hour which allowed our students to arrive in Xi’an within 4 hours and 15 minutes. This is more than half the journey speed of a normal train!

China has a rich array of culture and history which our students enjoyed learning about whilst they attended a lecture at Xi’an Jiaotong University. During their visit they got to meet the Dean of the university and met some of the students who gave them a tour of the campus.

As well as attending a Mandarin Chinese lesson and a rice paper painting session, the group also got to spend lots of time outdoors. They climbed part of the Great Wall of China, visited parks and natural beauty spots, spent an evening in a busy market street bartering for souvenirs and got to take a boat ride across a lake.

The students had an amazing time and it’s safe to say this is a trip they will never forget!