Carmel students attend ‘Cyber Champions’ training with Merseyside Police.

Living in the digital era it is becoming more apparent that cyber crime is a prevalent and pressing issue amongst young people. Especially with the introduction of new social media apps and the increase of cyber criminal activity targeted at young people. Working alongside Merseyside Police, Carmel College has enlisted the help of students to participate in the ‘Cyber Champions’ Programme. The ‘Cyber Champions’ Programme trains students from different schools and colleges to help educate their peers on the dangers of cyber crime.

We are so proud of all 14 of our students who attended the session on Wednesday. They are now equipped with the knowledge to pass onto others on how to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime. Around college we are committed to promoting online safety and encourage all students to be aware of what they upload onto the internet as part of their digital footprint. We look forward to seeing the work our students do to raise awareness and help stamp out cyber crime!

For more information on how to tackle cyber crime, please visit the: National Crime Agency web page