This afternoon staff and students at Carmel gathered in the Dalton Theatre to support the #NoMoreKnives movement.

The #NoMoreKnives campaign helps to raise awareness of the consequences of carrying a knife. The campaign also helps to support families affected by the loss of someone close as a result of Knife Crime. Within the UK Knife Crime is increasingly on the rise, and those most at risk are young people under the age of 18.

Group holding a 'No More Knives' banner


Both staff and students were so moved by the passion of others who have already joined the movement. As a result, the Dalton Theatre was filled with a chorus of voices singing #StandByMe. It was an incredibly moving and emotional experience for everyone involved. Thank you to everyone who gathered to show their support.

Together we will help get knives off our streets and make the community a safer place for our young people. Be sure to look out for our official video!

For more information visit: Stop Knife Crime