Carmel students held their nerve under pressure during the prestigious Catenians Public Speaking Competition.

Six of our Carmel students; Maya Khan, Bertie West, Maha Khan, Peace Godwin, Josh Fraser, Esther Ajeniya took part in the Catenians Public Speaking Competition before half term. They delivered some incredible speeches before a panel of judges at this prestigious event, covering a range of topics that included:

  • ‘Some thoughts on AI’
  • ‘My hero’
  • ‘The perfect day’
  • ‘Dogs are a thorough nuisance’
  • “Christianity has not been tried and found wanted. It has been found difficult and not tried.” -GK Chesterton

All of our students did themselves proud by demonstrating an impressive display of confidence under pressure and delivering clear, coherent speeches. The feedback from the judges stated “it was a very difficult call to choose a winner”. However, after close scrutiny of all the points involved, the places were announced:

3rd: Maha Khan ‘Some thoughts on AI’

2nd: Maya Khan ‘My hero’

1st: Bertie West ‘some thoughts on AI’ was announced the winner and will proceed to the Regional Final at Liverpool Hope University on March 22nd.

Massive congratulations to all the students who took part, it is no easy feat to speak in front of a public audience! We look forward to following the results of the Regional Finals in March.