The Sixth Form Colleges Association Art Exhibition “Living the Dream” is now live showcasing student artwork submissions. Each year, sixth form colleges across the national are allowed to submit three pieces of student artwork to be displayed as part of the national exhibition. Out of 17 impressive entries this year, our judging panel had the painstaking process of choosing the following pieces:

Charlotte Holmes [A Level Graphic Design], ‘Wisping Vortex’, Digital Painting

Sixth Form Colleges Association National Exhibition Charlotte Holmes Wisping Vortex Student Artwork Submission

“With this piece I wanted to demonstrate the joy I feel towards gaming as a whole, particularly in replicating their look through digital art. I hoped to do so by reflecting the fantasy themes of certain games within this landscape. I aimed to convey an image that is very vivid and lively, as if you may feel a part of the scene upon a glance- as I often do when immersed within games of all kinds. Gaming, Digital art and the way both of those intertwine are two things I value a lot when expressing things creatively, which I really sought to mimic the joy of across this landscape.”

Abigail Kahramaner [A Level Fine Art], ‘Childhood Daydream’, Photography

Sixth Form Colleges Association National Exhibition Abigail Kahramaner - Childhood Daydream Student Artwork Submission

“I chose to focus on a childlike dream reminiscing on the school activity of show and tell. I used pastel clothes to heighten this youthful feeling. The butterfly lights create an interesting contrast to the clothes and add to the nostalgic feeling I tried to capture. The little keyrings and badges that decorate the model were used to create that childlike fantasy.”

Abbie Fletcher [Art Foundation], ‘Solarpunk’, Card & Fabric

Sixth Form Colleges Association National Exhibition Abbie Fletcher-Solarpunk Student Artwork Submission

“Solarpunk is a movement which envisions a future of sustainability where people live in harmony with nature. A mixture of traditional practices and advanced technology is encouraged to reduce our environmental impact. The main aspect I have focused on is futuristic structures which have space for both people and plants. This is to allow for not only a closer connection with the natural world, but also a reverence for nature.”

We are very proud to take part each year, this is an incredible opportunity for our students to showcase their talents, as well as highlight the importance of art in education and our lives!

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