Today our BTEC Business students held a Basketball Charity event in the Sports Hall to raise money for Cancer Research UK

This event pitted a squad of Carmel Basketball Academy players against our Carmel Alumni and staff and was led by Sports co-ordinator and Head Basketball Coach Dominic O’Neill. Students were asked to donate £1 on entry and the sports hall was packed with over 150 students and staff eager and ready to spectate.

The game was action-packed with both the staff and players displaying impressive play. However, our Carmel staff rose to victory with a comfortable win thanks to Pastoral Tutor Matt Allerston’s impressive scoring performance in the first quarter, setting the tone for the rest of the game!

Thanks to students Jacob Wright, George Parr, Adam Bozkurt, Jakub Michalak, Ovidiu Clopotaru and Darcy Walsh for organising the event and raising £182 for Cancer Research UK.

Images by Sports Photography Intern Lucas Newton
Report by Sports Journalism Intern Jaden Hanson Stuart