Zoe Wallace, Director of the award-winning marketing academy ‘Agent,’ and Carmel Alumni, took centre stage as the featured speaker in our recent ‘Inspire Me’ series.

The event, targeted at English, Art, Film, and Media students, provided a unique opportunity for students to gain insights and inspiration from a seasoned professional in the digital, creative, and tech talent sectors. During her talk, Zoe shared invaluable experiences and perspectives with anecdotes from her career journey, emphasising the importance of confidence, resilience, and proactivity in pursuing ambitious career goals.

“It was an honour to have Zoe share her wealth of knowledge with our students. Her insights into the talent fields were truly enlightening. The ‘Inspire Me’ series continues to be a platform for our students to learn from the best and be inspired to reach new heights in their chosen fields, “ said Rebecca Blakey

Zoe’s talk left a mark on the attending students, motivating them to approach their career paths with renewed purpose.