Our Carmel Geographers recently completed a two-day field expedition to Morecambe and Sandscale Haws. Day one saw our students make the most of the brilliant weather in Morecambe investigating how beach profiles and micro feature change on Morecambe South Beach. They also looked at the decline and recent regeneration, further exploring the Regent Road Fishtail Groyne and tone Jetty looking at wave refraction, sediment sorting and long shore drift.

On day two of the field expedition, our A Level geographers investigated ecological succession on the sand dunes at Sanscale Haws NNR near Barrow-in-Furness. They set up six transects at the High Water Mark, collected data on the change in species diversity, percentage cover and micro-climate conditions, as well as measuring slop angle and investigated how plant communities chance as you move inland.

Well done to all of our students for the fantastic work collecting results, we’re so glad to hear you enjoyed the fantastic weather and brilliant locations.

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