This week, 54 BTEC Business Students have taken part in a one-week Work Experience Programme in an area of their choice for their Unit 27 assessment. We have placed our students in accountant offices, MP offices, councils, well-known supermarkets, digital marketing firms and graphic design companies. One student even worked with a private investigator!

Their work experience will have provided them with the opportunity to understand what it is like to work in full-time employment and allows them to recognise what kind of career they would like to lead in the future. By working in different sectors, our students have been able to gather a large range of differentiating skills that will set them up to achieve their future career goals.

Work Experience provides the encouragement and aspiration for our younger generation to want to get into the world of work once they have finished learning. It also allows them to stand out in a competitive market of student and graduate vacancies as this acts as the most valuable asset to a firm when recruiting new employees.

Annie Highfield said ‘I have had such a fun filled day, they haven’t just left me to do the boring jobs they have got me involved and set me challenges. The image (below) is a shelf that I have had to create on my own and describe my thinking and strategies to marketing’.

A huge well done to everyone who has taken part, the feedback from employers has been outstanding and a credit to our young people.

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