Last week 26 French students and 3 teachers arrived for the 26th annual exchange visit with our partner college in La Roche-sur-Yon.

They soon settled into life at Carmel and with their English families, they spent Monday in lessons and the rest of the week went on excursions with their teachers including on a bike ride around Liverpool despite the cold weather! Many of the French and English students took part in an international laserquest challenge one evening which the French won and the students celebrated with a delicious Pizza Hut meal in Liverpool One, all 40 of them.

Many other activities took place with individuals’ partners or small groups and friendships were forged. We said goodbye to them at the weekend but look forward to our return visit in March when our students will practise their language skills and learn about the way of life in France. It was good to hear many positive comments not only from students but from parents, many of whom commented on the pleasant experience they had hosting the young people who all were a credit to their families and to their college.