Congratulations to Upper Sixth student, Lucy Cunliffe, who has received a Tennis Scholarship at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise (UVA Wise) and will be majoring in Exercise Science, which is a 4-year course, due to start this summer.

Lucy recently had the opportunity to experience college life as she stayed on campus at UVA Wise and spent a few nights off campus too with some of the girls off the Tennis team. She received a full campus tour and was able to go on team outings and get to know her team mates, whilst taking in the picturesque views of the town. Lucy has completed the first stage of Orientation to university and will move there in August this year.

 Lucy’s Dream

 Since she was a child Lucy’s dream has always been to play Tennis at University in America. When she was younger she had known other players who had got scholarships, and it has inspired her to look into the opportunities available and decided this would become her goal.

Lucy says, “Being able to play the sport I love every day whilst getting a degree was exactly what I wanted- so I made that my goal and I have been striving for it since as long as I can remember, so I am really proud of myself for being able to achieve it!”

Lucy’s History with Tennis

 At the young age of 4 is when Lucy found her love for Tennis and her passion for the sport has continued. She currently plays for Lancashire and trains many times a week on and off court, always striving to improve her game. Lucy mainly trains at South Ribble with the Lancashire Under 18’s County Squad, and has individual lessons with her coach at Holcombe Brook.

“I also go to the gym and use circuit training as a form of strength and conditioning to aid my performance when I am on court.”

Support from Carmel

Lucy is currently studying, PE, Maths and Biology at Carmel and is part of the TASS programme. This is a programme that provides our high performing athletes with 1-1 mentor meetings, guidance, advice and encouragement. The programme also includes workshops with Sports Professionals and other Elite Performers.

She says, “The staff at Carmel have been really supportive with helping me get time off for tournaments, training, my visit to the University and even for my SAT entrance exam for the USA.”

What does the future hold?

After Carmel, Lucy will start her Scholarship at the University of Virginia’s College at Wise (UVA Wise) and will be majoring in Exercise Science, which is a 4-year course.

When asking Lucy about her future plans she says,

“Firstly, I would like to try and take my tennis career to as far as it can go. I would love to try and get onto the professional circuit someday. After tennis, I would either like to do Sport and Exercise research or become a teacher, teaching either PE or Maths. When I received the scholarship news it was one of the best and proudest moments of my life. I remember me and my parents jumping for joy- because I knew that all my hard work had finally paid off and I have proved to myself that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. “

We wish Lucy the best of luck for the future!

You can read more about the TASS Programme here – Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme