Our A Level 3D Design students recently visited Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield!

3D Design students had the fantastic opportunity to visit the award-winning Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, Yorkshire. It was a brilliant experience for our A Level students to view first-hand models, drawings and maquettes of Barbara Hepworth’s sculptural works. The Gallery is home to one of the best international and contemporary art exhibitions. It was amazing for our students to see the large-scale sculptures in all their glory.

Our 3D Designers were also offered the opportunity to learn the different techniques and processes used when working with sculpting materials. In addition to experiencing and studying the architecture of the magnificent purpose-built space by David Chipperfield Architects. Throughout this term, students will be responding to the trip through a series of material workshops. We cannot wait to see what our 3D Design students create as a result of this eye-opening visit!

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