Carmel is a Catholic college for the community welcoming students of all faiths (or none). Our young people come from all backgrounds creating a rich, vibrant and diverse learning environment.

Carmel is built on the principles of Catholic education which foster a belief in the importance and value of individuals. We have the highest expectations of all students and staff and live out the Gospel values of love, peace, justice, community, care for creation and service. Relationships within the college are really positive and are built on mutual trust and respect. We encourage students to recognise their responsibilities to themselves and to others. Teachers encourage students to understand the social, moral, spiritual and cultural implications of their subjects.

The Chaplaincy provides opportunities for prayer, reflection and charity work. There are regular weekly services for those who want them and we take time out to reflect at important times of the year: Christmas, Easter, Ash Wednesday, Remembrance Day etc. Once a week one lesson is set aside for discussion about important social, moral and religious issues. This lesson is designed to encourage students to think and to develop their own views and ideas.

“The college’s Christian environment values and respects the wholeness of the individual, and supports all learners in achieving their potential.” (Ofsted)
“Carmel College is a very welcoming college to students and staff of all social, ethnic and religious backgrounds.” (Student Ambassador)
“For God, we are not numbers, we are important, indeed we are the most important thing to him; we are what is closest to his heart.” (Pope Francis)

Ethos Position Statement