10:10 is Carmel’s Pastoral and General RE Programme taking inspiration from the quote from the teaching of John 10:10 ‘I have come so that they may have life and have it to the full’.

As part of the programme of study at college, all students are allocated one 10:10 lesson per week. It is split into two main sections, 10:10 Personal Achievement Tutor and 10:10 General RE. As a Catholic College, we have a great focus on nurturing the whole person and our 10:10 Programme ensures that our students not only achieve academically, but also personally.

Some of the topics we cover in our Personal Achievement Tutor group sessions are:
• Study Support
• The A Level Mindset – VESPA
• Employability
• Careers
• Safeguarding
• Health and Lifestyle
• Prevent
• British Values.

The key aims of 10:10 RE are:
• to support the college ethos, based within the Gospel Values
• to ensure every student at Carmel has the opportunity to explore and examine ethical issues and moral debates
• to encourage skills of communication, reasoning, reflection and debate
• to encourage students to develop as a ‘WHOLE’ person, not just academically
• to provide opportunities for social, moral, spiritual and cultural education to underpin and support the remainder of students’ academic studies.

10:10 Programme Leaflet


What Our Students Say

I have found 10:10 to be an incredibly enriching and relevant subject; I enjoy listening to different arguments, opinions and beliefs expressed by other students and my tutor.

Sarah Finney, Byrchall High School