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English Literature

English Literature

English Literature is a great subject for students who enjoy reading, thinking
independently and evaluating ideas. This is a two year linear course where you will gain a better understanding of interpretations within literary texts through methods of analysis, expressing this in cogent, detailed and critical essays. For the exam, you will read and compare a variety of literature, from classic plays to modern poetry, evaluating interpretations from your close reading of texts such as King Lear, The Duchess of Malfi and The Whitsun Weddings in addition to analysing unseen prose and poetry in the exam. The coursework, which is worth 20%, is a 2500-3500 word comparative essay and allows you to pick a novel of your choice from your own wider reading at A Level.

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What our students say

English Literature is a really enjoyable subject, and the step up from GCSE is challenging but rewarding as it allows you a deeper look into the texts you study, whilst also encouraging personal interpretations.
Daniel Thorpe