How do I get to college?  

Transport information can be found here:

How To Find Us

How will I know where to go when I get to Carmel? 

The day before you will be sent a personal timetable with all of your classrooms listed and a campus map.  There will be lots of staff and student ambassadors on hand to register and direct you.  The campus map can also be found here:   


What if I want to change the subjects on my conditional offer? 

Please email  admissions@carmel.ac.uk before Monday 6th June so we can timetable you.   

What if I can no longer attend Taster Day? 

Just let us know by phone 01744 452214 or email  admissions@carmel.ac.uk .  You will still receive an enrolment interview appointment for August 25th.  

What if I don’t know anyone else coming to Taster Day? 

Please don’t worry! Lots of others will be in the same position and you will soon meet people in your sessions and there will be lots of student ambassadors available to talk to.  

How much money will I need for lunch?  

We will have a special Taster Day menu offer, see below. You can also bring your own food if you wish.  

Menu 4th July .  

What do I wear/bring?  

Wear whatever you feel comfortable in and you just need to bring a pen and some paper.