Core Maths is a course for those with a GCSE Mathematics grade 4 or above who want to keep up their valuable maths skills.

The Core Maths course is for students who are not planning on studying A level Maths.

At the end of the one-year course, you will have achieved a Level 3 qualification, similar to an AS. This will also provide UCAS points for university.

The course not only supports your work in other subjects involving maths content at A Level but is also designed to deepen and extend your mathematics. You will, therefore, be better prepared for higher education and employment.

Core Maths will help you to understand and apply clear, mathematical reasoning to real-life problems. You will also analyse and interpret data in various contexts and confidently deal with everyday financial maths.

Course Entry Requirements for Core Maths

GCSE grade 4 in Maths.

Core Maths Course Leaflet

Exam board course specification

What Our Students Say

Studying at Carmel has allowed me to learn new skills such as time management and allowed me to become more independent which will be useful in my future career. Everyone at college is so welcoming and always willing to help.

I chose to do Core Maths as I enjoyed Maths at high school but didn’t want to take it at A Level. I would recommend this course to everyone as I believe the skills and topics covered are relevant to everyday life. For example, we learn about taxes and student loans which I have found very useful, as I am looking at going on to study at university.

Core Maths has also allowed me to maintain my maths skills which has helped me with my other subjects, for things like representing data in graphs. The course is completed alongside my three A Level subjects but I still have time to relax and study!

Anya Watters