The A Level Philosophy course is a new addition to the curriculum at Carmel. A demanding but very rewarding course, Philosophy explores a range of key branches within the discipline, including Epistemology (philosophy of knowledge); Philosophy of Mind; Moral Philosophy; and Philosophy of Religion.

The course allows students the opportunity to nurture advanced skills of argument analysis and precision of thought. Complemented by independent study of primary texts, from Plato through to Descartes, students can expect lessons in which complex arguments are unpacked and evaluated – excellent preparation for the intellectual demands of higher level study.

“You’ve got to like thinking and you’ve got to enjoy asking questions – even be prepared for not knowing definite answers.”

NB: There is very little overlap in terms of content between this course and the Religion, Ethics & Philosophy course. We anticipate there will be a number of students who choose to study both. There are merits to this and, in terms of university applications, students are at no disadvantage for having qualifications in both.

Where will this course lead?

Philosophy boasts a wide range of ‘transferable skills’, which are greatly sought after from employers within many fields. The ability to think clearly and effectively in understanding an issue, and carefully gauge what response is needed is one example of an invaluable quality, whether you are a politician, health worker, teacher, accountant, or barrister.

Course Entry Requirements

GCSE grade 6 in English Language plus a grade 5 in GCSE Mathematics (or vice versa) for you to be able to cope with the language and analytical demands of the course.

Philosophy Course Leaflet

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