College Trips

For trips organised by the college, information will be sent to parents and parental consent must be given via Parentmail.

Students are asked to follow staff instructions and are held responsible for their own money and property. Parents are asked to provide information about any medical condition or treatment needed. Trips organised by the Student Council, or organised privately by individual students are run independently of the college and are not covered by college insurance.

First Aiders

During college hours, a team of first aiders is available in case of sickness or accident. If students have particular medical conditions (such as asthma or epilepsy) it would be helpful if they or their parents inform the college of their condition so that awareness exists and they can be given medical care and attention if necessary.

Wheelchair Access

Virtually every room in college has Wheelchair access. There are a number of disabled parking spaces available close to the college building. Should parents or students need extra help, please do not hesitate to contact us via Reception and special provision will be made.

Smoking, Drugs & Alcohol

As a college we share your concern as parents for the health and well-being of all our students. The college is totally opposed to drug abuse and any case of a student suspected of possessing, using, buying or selling drugs will be investigated immediately and the student may face expulsion and referral to the police.

Students are reminded that alcohol is also a drug, and that they are not allowed to bring alcohol on college premises, or allowed into public houses during college hours. Students breaking this ban may face suspension.

Smoking and vaping is banned on college premises.

Advice and guidance is always available to students facing personal issues. Students should speak to Personal Achievement Tutors in the first instance or alternatively if they don’t want to disclose sensitive information they will provided with contact numbers for support agencies outside of college.

Student Property

Students who bring possessions to college do so entirely at their own risk. The college is not insured for losses or damage. Money and small valuables that students have good reason for bringing into college can be given to the Finance Office for safekeeping.

For further details of the College’s Health & Safety policy, please view the document below.

Health & Safety policy