We will send the link to your timetable to you via text message by the end of Tuesday 31st August.

The first day of term for Lower Sixth students will be Wednesday 1st September. Please ensure you arrive in plenty of time so you can find your way to the room for your first lesson as indicated on your personal electronic timetable. We will have lots of staff available to help with directions.

To access your timetable for next week, you will need to click on the link on the text we sent you on Tues 31st August.

You will need your college number which is on your badge and starts with ’21’.
password which will be lower case first letter of your surname plus your postcode in capital letters with no spaces and the year – eg John Smith lives at WA10 3AG so the password would be: hWA103AG2021

You may not have to attend College at certain times if you have free periods, so please check your timetable carefully before making your journey into college.