We follow the exact same course structure as the University of Salford, with the same modules and opportunities, only your first year is based here at Carmel. The second and third years will be studied at the landmark New Adelphi building, the University of Salford’s pioneering new build.

Studying your first year at Carmel will allow you to be part of a smaller cohort than the vast majority of other Graphic Design courses, which means you will have far more tutor time and support. This allows us to work closely with each individual to develop your skills, confidence and personal interests within design, as well as challenging you and driving you to succeed.

You will learn to develop idea-led solutions, embracing the digital while preserving traditional processes of design. Through a range of workshops, seminars and lectures, this course covers a range of specialist skills in areas such as typography, branding, copywriting, printmaking, image making, bookbinding, motion design, multimedia design and app design, to name just a few. Be inspired, think creatively, respond to change, be innovative, develop solutions, captivate, articulate, entertain and inspire!

Course Information

Studying at Carmel College

Why Choose Us?

There are many benefits to studying the first year of your degree at Carmel:

  1. TRACK RECORD: We have an enviable record of ex-Carmel students securing jobs in the Creative Industries (see the student success page for recent examples)
  2. MORE TUTOR TIME: smaller group size means more tutor time to help you develop as a Graphic Designer.
  3. SAVE MONEY: reduced fees of £6250 for your year at Carmel.
  4. INTERNSHIPS: Each year several of our students spend up to 3 weeks working at VOGUE in London, an amazing opportunity!
  5. QUALITY: Students are at the heart of everything we do. Carmel delivers quality teaching and learning as confirmed in the 2009 and 2014 QAA inspections.
  6. STUDENT SUCCESS: The Arts at Carmel are performing brilliantly at all levels, which means you will be part of a thriving and energetic faculty across all the art disciplines including specialisms such as Illustration, Communication, Motion and Interactivity.
  7. SUPPORT: Our staff are passionate about working with students and passing on their knowledge. All students can look forward to a supportive environment where you are challenged to achieve the very best you are capable of.
  8. FAB FACILITIES in our purpose-built Centre for Art & Design.
  9. SMOOTH TRANSITION into year two at the University of Salford. You will be studying in the largest national hub for the digital and creative industries outside of London.
  10. COMMUNITY ATMOSPHERE: Friendly, supportive and caring environment.

If you would like any further information about studying the BA Hons Graphic Design degree at Carmel, please contact David Fox, Degree Co-ordinator at salforddegree@carmel.ac.uk