Foundation to Health and Veterinary Studies

Here at Carmel College we offer an innovative Foundation Year for Health and Veterinary Studies. There is progression onto Medicine, Dentistry or Veterinary Science degrees at the University of Liverpool. Progression to Year 1 is guaranteed for those students who meet the progression criteria.

Carmel College gained exclusive academic approval for the delivery of the Foundation to Health and Veterinary Studies programme in 2006. This unique course is designed for individuals with relevant work experience or for those who have a degree in a subject which is not science based.

This programme builds on the highly successful Foundation to Science and Engineering programmes delivered effectively at Carmel College since 1995. In addition to the inspirational teaching and support offered, students will be members of the University of Liverpool and entitled to guaranteed accommodation and the use of all student facilities at the University. Students may also be entitled to student loans and bursaries.

Applications for the programme are made via the online university admissions procedure at

Course Codes

  • 0AAW Foundation to Health and Veterinary Studies (Dentistry)
  • 789S Foundation to Heath and Veterinary Studies (Medicine)
  • 74JJ Foundation to Health and Veterinary Studies (Veterinary Science)

Entry Criteria

  • GCSE Maths at grade B / 6 or above
  • GCSE English Language at grade B / 6 or above
  • GCSE Sciences at grade B / 6 or above – including either core and additional science or two separate sciences.
  • A total of FIVE GCSEs at grade B / 6 or above
  • Relevant work experience

Further information on the programme can be found here on the University of Liverpool website

What Our Students Say

It is not an exaggeration to say that completing the Foundation to Health Studies (Medicine) Programme at Carmel College has changed my life. After 17 years as an Art teacher I have graduated in Medicine. The Carmel College programme gave me the opportunity to realise my dream of becoming a doctor despite my non-science background. Guaranteed progression onto the MBChB at Liverpool, provided that students gain the necessary progression marks, is a unique and wonderful feature of the course. For me, it meant that if I worked hard I knew that I would get the reward that I so badly wanted - a place at Medical School.

I thoroughly enjoyed the programme; the teaching was excellent and inspiring and Carmel College is a welcoming and friendly place for mature students. Now that I am actually a doctor I have to pinch myself to make sure that I am awake! I would not hesitate to recommend this course to anyone who aspires to train as a doctor or dentist, but thinks that they have missed their chance. You haven't! There is still time and you CAN reach that goal through Foundation to Health Studies.

Jude Blackmore