Engineering Degree with a Foundation Year

UCAS Code: H109

This Engineering Degree programme offers a progression pathway for a range of courses within the Faculty of Engineering or Electrical Engineering and Electronics. Additionally, students are expected to study three compulsory modules, Mathematics, Additional Mathematics and Physics.

Providing students successfully complete the foundation year by meeting the progression criteria, progression in guaranteed into the Faculty of Engineering. Listed below are the programmes currently available for progression:-

  • 3D52 Industrial Design – BEng (Hons)
  • H100 Engineering – BEng (Hons)
  • H200 Civil Engineering – BEng (Hons)
  • HK26 Architectural Engineering
  • H300 Mechanical Engineering – BEng (Hons)
  • H401 Aerospace Engineering with Pilot Studies – BEng (Hons)
  • H425 Aerospace Engineering – BEng (Hons)
  • H430 Avionic Systems
  • H603 Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • H605 Electrical and Electronic Engineering with a Year in Industry (4 yrs)
  • HG6L Computer Science and Elec. Eng. with a Year in Industry (4 yrs)
  • HH66 Computer Science and Electronic Engineering
  • HH67 Mechatronics and Robotic Systems
  • HHP7 Mechatronics and Robotic Systems with a Year in Industry (4 yrs)

For further information about these courses, follow the links below to visit the Engineering and Electrical Engineering pages of the University of Liverpool website:

Course Entry Requirements for Engineering

Furthermore, entry requirements can be found in the Course Leaflet.