We hope the information is helpful to you. If you can’t find the answer to a question you have, please contact our Admissions Team who will be pleased to help you – admissions@carmel.ac.uk

How many subjects should I study?

All students at Carmel will take 3 A Level subjects (or equivalent). Some subjects may be studied alongside your chosen three subjects such as Further Maths or a Modern Foreign Language.
You are also encouraged to participate in other activities or courses to enhance your study programme and prepare for your future career.

Can I choose a subject I’m not taking as a GCSE?

For the majority of subjects you don’t need a GCSE in that subject, but there are exceptions: Sciences, Maths, English and Modern Languages.
The entry requirements for most of our other subjects are based on GCSE Maths and/or English Language.

If you wish to study an Art & Design subject but haven’t done a GCSE in Art, you need to show a keen interest and be able to show evidence of your interest in the form of eg photos, blogs, drawings etc.

If I don’t have a grade 4 in GCSE English or Maths, do I have to re-sit them?

It’s a government requirement that students continue to study English and Maths if they do not achieve a grade 4 in their GCSEs. However, you would only be able to resit either Maths or English Language at Carmel.

Can I choose any subject combination?

It is highly unlikely that your subject choices will ‘clash’ as they may at a school sixth form, as we have lots of subjects to choose from and several classes in each subject. You should choose subjects based on your strengths and what you enjoy.

If you have a particular career focus, you must find out if you need to study specific subjects in order to progress to university or further training eg. medicine, engineering. We will discuss this with you at your interview and you can also speak to our Careers Advisors.

We do not allow the following combinations:

  • English Language & Literature with either English Language or English Literature
  • Three or more Art & Design subjects. If your passion is Art, we allow a maximum of two A Levels in this area due to the amount of coursework involved. If Art is all you want to do, we recommend our UAL Extended Diploma course which is equivalent to three A Levels.

We do not prohibit subject combinations from similar areas, but we advise caution if your choices will restrict your progression routes after Carmel. You must give serious thought before making these choices and be certain that this is where your future lies.

What happens if I want to change my subject choices after my guidance interview?

Please contact our Admissions Team who will help you with your enquiry – admissions@carmel.ac.uk

What happens if I want to change my subject choices after I start college?

It may be possible to change course providing you meet the entry requirements and the subject you’ve chosen is not oversubscribed. You need to discuss your request with your Personal Achievement Tutor.

What happens if I don’t get the grades I need for my chosen subjects?

Please still attend your enrolment appointment. A team of staff will be available to discuss any appropriate programmes of study we are able to offer you. Careers advice is also available in college on Enrolment Day.

I would like to apply to one of the top universities/for a competitive degree course. What help will you give me?

Our dedicated High Achievers’ Programme is structured to include teaching, activities, events and support for students wishing to apply to Oxbridge or for Medicine, Dentistry, Vet Science and other competitive subjects. Talented students in specialist areas such as Art, Performance and PE are also supported.

What is 10:10 RE?

This course is fundamental to the education we aim to provide to all our students. The programme encourages the development of the ‘whole person’ through group activities and discussions about the wider issues in life – social, political, spiritual, ethical, moral. The programme is flexible and includes elements to help you to progress to the next stage of your career.

I play competitive sports outside of school. Will I be able to play for the college teams?
Our sports teams play fixtures on a Wednesday afternoon so you need to be free. On Enrolment Day, you will be asked if you want to play for a college team and in most cases we can make sure you are not timetabled for lessons at this time.

Are there any college buses I can use?

Yes, our college buses cover a wide area and there are also a number of public buses which pass the college. Please visit the Student Transport page on our website.

Will it cost me anything to come to college?

Access to courses is free. You may need to buy a bus pass to travel to and from College, depending on where you live. Financial support may be available to some students, subject to meeting certain criteria. More detailed information about this can be found on the Financial Support page on our website.

What will happen when I start college?

You will begin an Induction Programme to help you settle into college life. This will include meeting your Personal Achievement Tutor, getting your individual timetable, going on a tour of college, meeting all your subject tutors and getting to know the other students in your classes.

Who should I speak to if I have any other questions?

Contact our Admissions Team by email – admissions@carmel.ac.uk – or call them on 01744 452214.

Updated Sept 2021