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Karen Chan - 2006 - 2008

Before Carmel: Prescot School
Whilst at Carmel: Law (A)
Psychology (B)
Sociology (C)
General Studies (D)
After Carmel: Liverpool John Moores University

I am currently studying Law at Liverpool John Moores University. I am enjoying the course and particularly enjoy Criminal Law and Tort Law. After I complete my degree I hope to complete a Legal Practice Course.

During my time at Carmel College all the teachers were friendly and I received a lot of support in terms of dealing with my workload and deadlines to complete coursework. I met a lot of great friends at Carmel who I still keep in close contact with.

Now that I am in university, it has made me realise the amount of support I had from my teachers in college and how much I appreciate their help. They pushed me further and further so that I could do well in the course. This has paid off as I obtained great A-Levels that I am proud of.