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Sophie Ferguson - 2007-2009

Before Carmel: Tower College
Whilst at Carmel: Business Studies (A)
Psychology (A)
Religious Studies (A)
Critical Thinking (D)
General Studies (B)
After Carmel: The University of York

After leaving Carmel College I went to the University of York to study Management. Some of the topics I have learnt about so far include economics, marketing, accounting, qualitative methods and statistics. I am really enjoying my time here in York as it is a completely different experience to living at home in Liverpool, as York is a much smaller city. Despite there being a limited amount of bars and nightclubs in comparison to larger cities, I have found that York still has a lot to offer and I have had many good nights out here. The University of York has a wide variety of societies to choose from and I have chosen to join some of the dance and fitness societies on offer here, which have been great fun so far.

I had a great time at Carmel College that helped me achieve pleasing results.