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David Sloan - 2007-2009

Before Carmel: Prescot School
Whilst at Carmel: Law (A)
Psychology (A)
General Studies (B)
Combined English A/S (D)
After Carmel: University of Portsmouth
Criminology and Criminal Justice

After leaving Carmel I went to the University of Portsmouth to study Criminology and Criminal Justice. The course is really interesting so far but there is a lot of work. The lecturers and seminar leaders are really supportive. I was worried at first about living so far away from home but it is not as bad as I thought it would be and I settled in quickly. Portsmouth is a great place and I love living here. To compliment my course and to get a feel for what I hope will be my future career, I am applying to Hampshire Police as a Special Constable, which is a volunteer police officer with the same powers as a regular officer.

I loved my time at Carmel. I made friends for life. The teaching staff were fantastic and really supportive. It did take a while to get used to college after High School but I loved every minute of it. I really miss Carmel!