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Stephanie Clieve - 2007-2009

Before Carmel: Wade Deacon High School
Whilst at Carmel: Maths (A)
Further Maths (A)
Chemistry (A)
Physics (B)
General Studies (C)
Biology A/S (A)
Critical Thinking A/S (B)
After Carmel: The University of Liverpool
Mathematics (MMath)

After leaving Carmel I went to the University of Liverpool to study for a Masters degree in Mathematics. Here I joined the Mathematics Society who have guest lecturers to come and speak about extremely advanced Mathematics that you wouldn’t cover in your standard degree course as well as great Maths student’s nights out!

At Carmel, as well as concentrating on my studies, I also got involved in the chaplaincy. Before I went to Carmel I wasn’t really interested in charity work at all, but joining the Justice and Peace group helped me to find who I was I suppose. I’ll never forget my time at Carmel, and the memories I have will stay with me for the rest of my life.