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Abigail Knowles - 2007-2009

Before Carmel: Tower College
Whilst at Carmel: Biology (A)
Chemistry (A)
Physics (A)
Maths (A)
General Studies (A)
Critical Thinking (B)
After Carmel: The University of Nottingham

After leaving Carmel I went to the University of Nottingham to study Medicine. As part of the course I have been on several placements at local GP surgeries and hospitals, which really brought home why I wanted to study medicine in the first place. I have also met so many people from so many different backgrounds - it has been an amazing experience so far, and I honestly would not change a minute of it!

I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Carmel College. I learnt so much, and it helped me to grow as a person. My experiences helped open my eyes to the world and helped me to prepare for university and my future career.