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Aimee Roberts - 2007-2009

Before Carmel: Finham Park, Coventry
Whilst at Carmel: Law (A)
Maths (A)
English Combined (A)
Critical Thinking (A)
General Studies (A)
Extended Project (A*)
Further Maths A/S (A)
Geography A/S (A)
After Carmel: Durham University
Law - First Class Honours

After leaving Carmel I went to Durham University to study Law. I absolutely loved it. The course was hard and a lot of work, most of which was done independently, but it is really interesting. The social side was brilliant too, with formals and balls, Durham is a great place to be a student!

There was lots going on at university outside of studies. I did mooting (mock court trials which you prepare and present), representing my University in my final year in national competitions. I did ‘pro bono’ which I really recommend to any law student (legal advice for free) on ‘IPSEA’ advice lines, giving advice to parents of children with special educational needs about what help the law provides, and should be starting next term. I became heavily involved in the Durham University Labour Club, campaigning for the local MP Roberta Blackman-Woods in the 2010 general election. I was Co-Chair of the Club in my second year, and began working part time in the MP’s office as a Caseworker.

In June 2012 I graduated with a first, and was lucky enough to be able to have been offered a job by Roberta as a Parliamentary Assistant. This job is in her Westminster Office so I have also moved down to London. My job involves conducting a lot of research for speeches on a huge variety of topics, dealing with parliamentary business such as written questions and helping organise Roberta’s diary. I am still very involved in constituency matters, especially major planning applications, and have already made the 3 hour journey back up to Durham on a few occasions! It’s a pretty stressful job with a lot of pressure, but most of the work is very interesting which helps. I’m definitely still trying to adjust to the loss of my student days though!

Carmel is a great environment where you get all the support you need whilst gaining independent skills. There are also plenty of extra-curricular activities to get involved in, I enjoyed public speaking, the Student Council and Justice and Peace Group. Carmel was absolutely brilliant. If you work hard you can achieve anything here