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Graeme Kerr - 2007-2009

Before Carmel: Wade Deacon High School
Whilst at Carmel: PE (A)
Business Studies (A)
English Language (A)
General Studies (A)
Biology A/S (D)
After Carmel: Birmingham University
BA/Hons Applied Golf Management Studies

After leaving Carmel I went to Birmingham University to study Applied Golf Management Studies. I chose a course most people haven't heard of but it lets me combine Sports Science, Business, Material Science, History & Sociology and Coach Education with sport, specialising in golf. The course is mainly academic and Carmel has given be a great background knowledge for all of the different areas of the degree. One of the best things is that I get to do a 6 week placement in the summer and as long as I can arrange it I can go anywhere in the world! Birmingham University is great, you get a chance to meet a whole range of new people and participate in societies and events that you would not get a chance to without going to study at university. Getting involved in sport is one of the best options at university because it gives you an even wider range of friends and social events to go to, which is always good. There is literally something for everyone and university helps to prepare you for living on your own as well as opening up hundreds of future opportunities.

My time at Carmel was great both in my work and socially. You meet some great people and have a very good time in an ideal environment.