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Christopher Ashcroft - 2007-2009

Before Carmel: Halewood College
Whilst at Carmel: Physics (A)
Spanish (A)
Psychology (A)
Maths (B)
General Studies (B)
Critical Thinking A/S (B)
After Carmel: Queen’s University, Belfast
Physics (BSci)

After leaving Carmel I moved to Northern Ireland to study for a Master of Science degree in Physics at Queen’s University, Belfast. University life is ‘interesting’ if nothing else.

Queen’s is an amazing university! Everyone is so incredible friendly, the accommodation is excellent and the university is situated in one of the UK’s most beautiful and vibrant cities – Belfast! From its beautiful scenery to its lively night life Belfast is the place to be! As well as being a student at Queen’s I now work in the university’s Student Recruitment Team as Head of the university’s Campus Tour Service. We specialise in conducting campus tours for GB students who are interested in studying here at Queen’s. It’s an amazing job as I work at the very front of Student Recruitment and spend a lot of my time being an ambassador for the university.

However; even though I love Queen’s I do miss Carmel. Granted the exams weren’t much fun but Carmel is such an amazing place with amazing people, both students and staff. Carmel was a very enriching part of my live both educationally and spiritually and I will cherish my memories of college greatly.