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Jessica Walker - 2007-2009

Before Carmel: Haydock High School
Whilst at Carmel: Law (A)
English Combined (B)
History (B)
Extended Project (A)
General Studies (A)
Critical Thinking A/S (C)
After Carmel: The University of Sheffield

After leaving Carmel I went to the University of Sheffield to study Law. I love being at University, from the amount of friends I’ve made to the nights out! The University of Sheffield has an amazing atmosphere and I’d definitely recommend it. The University of Sheffield also offers more than just my curriculum, the law department especially has offered many extra-curricular activities and has invited many law professionals into the department to extend my knowledge and open many opportunities up to me. I’m looking to join the Mooting team next semester which allows students to argue mock cases in court, as a few teachers at Carmel will agree I definitely have the voice for it!

Carmel allowed me to achieve really good grades. The college was a great place to be, mixing with different people and having doors opened for the future.