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A Level Government & Politics

A Level Government & Politics

Politics is an exciting subject because the vast majority of people do have political opinions, even if they think that they are ‘not political’! It is also perhaps the most contemporary academic subject because of its newsworthy nature. If you watch any news bulletin there are usually one or two items that are either directly or indirectly connected to politics, i.e. the economy, education, war in Afghanistan, the health service etc.

Of course there are differences of opinion on these matters and this is what actually makes it such an intriguing subject to study.

What our students say....."I chose Government and Politics because I have a deep interest in politics and it really complements other essay based subjects. It is an engaging subject that offers a chance to debate on up-to-date topics like the Coalition Government and potentially controversial subjects like Welfare reform." (Kyle Johnson)

"Government and Politics at Carmel is a great subject to study due to the variety of topics and debates covered in lessons. Politics is a subject that is present in everyday life which makes it so interesting. It has been an amazing experience to meet new people and discover new points of view on so many different issues from the economy to civil rights."  (Mark Taylor)

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