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A Level General Studies

A Level General Studies

General Studies is taken by all students in the U6th year at Carmel.

The course provides students with the opportunity to broaden their knowledge of a wide range of topics over three Domains. Important numeracy skills are tested in the Scientific Domain as is our ability to offer arguments for and against the use of genetically modified food or stem cell research for example. The Social Domain explores current political issues e.g. Should we accept the euro? Why was Tony Blair so popular? In the Cultural Domain we would look at the decline of religion in our society or the role of the media in our lives as examples. Students should follow current affairs by reading quality newspapers (available in college Learning Resource Centre or on line) and watching relevant television programmes.

What our students say...."I enjoy studying General Studies as it covers a very wide range of topics which you may not get the chance to do in your chosen subjects. By doing this I am able to use the skills I have picked up from my chosen courses and apply them to something completely new." (David Kelly)

To download the course leaflet click here.

For AS/A2 Level GCE exam specification visit www.ocr.org.uk