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A Level Critical Thinking

A Level Critical Thinking

Why study Critical Thinking?

As part of the High Achiever programme offered at Carmel College, students have the opportunity to complete a course in Critical Thinking. This is intended to give students an enriching experience that will develop the higher level thinking skills which will benefit them when completing their A-levels and applying to universities, but also provide transferable skills that will be applicable throughout their lives. 

Amongst the main techniques that are developed during the course are:

· Being able to decide whether the reasoning or evidence used to support an argument is strong or weak.

· Being able to construct persuasive arguments that are supported with strong reasoning and reliable evidence.

· Being able to consider a number of alternative choices and coming to reasoned decision about which option should be followed.

· Discuss ethical issues and modern dilemmas and develop strategies to resolve them rationally.

What our students say......."Critical Thinking is enjoyable because you cover topic areas you are not likely to cover in your other subjects. The course material is always relevant and real world issues are often addressed, this broadens your knowledge of society and not just the subject itself." (Lorna Phillips)

"Critical Thinking is a subject that complements learning in others; it teaches you how to think logically and present well-reasoned points concisely." (Tom Lavan)

To download the course leaflet click here.

For AS/A2 Level GCE exam specification visit www.ocr.org.uk