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A Level Business Studies

A Level Business Studies

It is virtually certain that one day you will work in a business organisation and use business skills. Even if you become a surgeon, a professional sports person, a teacher or an artist you will need to be able to manage resources and perhaps, people. You may need to promote your goods or services and you will need to understand finance. These are the major aspects you will learn about on the course. Business is the study of organisations that seek to provide us with the things we want - at a price.  You will find out how they identify what we want, how they make it and how they calculate if it is worthwhile. 

What our students say........."On my Business Studies course I enjoy learning about how businesses set themselves up and I’m also interested in how large organisations work." (Louise Cassidy)

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For AS/A2 Level GCE exam specification visit www.aqa.org.uk