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A Level Biology

A Level Biology

You will enjoy a wide range of learning experiences, including practical work and dissections, practice exam questions, and lots of interactive activities, designed to support your understanding of the theoretical concepts. The AS course covers a wide variety of fundamental biological principles, and also covers how this knowledge is used in the 21st century, for example in stem cell research. As well as leading onto a a range of purely biological sciences at university, it is essential for a career in clinical professions such as medicine and veterinary science, and a big advantage for other areas of study such as forensics.

What our students say....."I enjoy studying Biology because I like learning about how the human body works and enjoy carrying out practicals. (Kate McCormack)

Biology Resources:-
4 fully equipped laboratories including:
• equipment for class practical work
• equipment for individual research investigations
• interactive whiteboards
• data logging equipment for real time data capture
• quality light microscopes for experimental work
• spectrophotometers for analytical work
• centrifuges for organelle separation
• electrophoresis equipment for nucleic acid analysis
• computer workstations, all students also have access to a computer suite
• Biological models

To download the course leaflet click here.

For AS/A2 Level GCE exam specification visit www.ocr.org.uk