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A Level Applied Business

A Level Applied Business

The Double Award is worth 2 A Levels and new for 2014 we are offering the Single Award which is worth 1 A Level.

A Level Applied Business is different from A Level Business Studies in a number of ways. Firstly, as the "Applied" title suggests we try to give you a greater involvement with businesses; so more trips to businesses, more research of real businesses, a one week work placement in the first year and a greater development of the personal skills you will need to do well in a business.

Secondly, the Applied course is 2/3rds coursework and 1/3rd exam. This means your result is very much in your hands and if you work hard on your coursework units, you can enter the exam with an already fantastic grade behind you.  Applied Business is exactly the same as any other A Level and is worth the same UCAS points for University.

OUTSTANDING RESULTS - 100% Pass Rate; A2 Level 71% A*-B; AS Level 67% A*-B

What our students say......"What I like about Applied Business is that there are so many things to learn and every lesson is different. In one lesson you may be investigating a business and the next lesson you may be developing a product but in many ways they are related as you can transfer skills from one lesson to another." (Andrew Fagan)

 "I have a strong interest in business and for this reason I decided to study Applied Business as it seemed to be a stimulating and useful subject, and provided me with the option to focus on coursework rather than exams."(Brittany Heyes)

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For AS/A2 Level GCE exam specification visit www.aqa.org.uk

For further information contact Laura Fowler - 01744 452200 or lauraf@carmel.ac.uk