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“The college’s Christian environment values and respects the wholeness of the individual, and supports all learners in achieving their potential.” Ofsted

Caring for the Individual
The move from High School to College can be challenging. The Chaplaincy offers a quiet environment away from the crowd, where you can think, or simply come for a chat about how you are settling in. The Chaplaincy also has details of all sorts of helplines and contacts for different situations.

Caring for Groups
The Chaplaincy contributes to both the Enrichment and Open Forum programme. All U6 Open Forum groups have a session on the importance of meditation and relaxation for physical and emotional wellbeing.
As part of Enrichment, Chaplaincy offers a course in personal development, which looks at communication skills, how to understand others, the use of music and art to become more self-aware. The Chaplaincy can also offer two Introduction to Counselling courses, one for students and one for staff. 

Caring for the World
Chaplaincy is the stimulus for much of the charity work of the college. A small justice and peace group meets weekly, to raise awareness of justice issues for members and for the wider college. Each year we raise over £1000 for CAFOD, helping to educate and provide medical supplies and food for those in famine situations. Nearer home, we have good links with the local Homeless Shelter, and each year provide Christmas presents for the service users, as well as money help.

Many Carmel students have taken part in the Lasallian Developing World Project, taking time out in the summer to help build schools in Kenya, Ghana, Sri Lanka and India.
Other activities include work for Amnesty International and the annual Youth Pilgrimage to Lourdes with Animate Ministries. 

Carry on Caring
Former members of the chaplaincy are employed in youth ministry, chaplaincy, preparing for priesthood, volunteering in parish and justice work. Together and separately, they continue to make a difference. For more information about the work of the “Animate” Youth Team, including the Lourdes Pilgrimage visit

Caring for the Spirit
Jesus said “I have come that you might have life, and have it to the full.” A full life means being alive to the spiritual, however we understand this. In the Chaplaincy you will find the SACRED SPACE, a place for prayer, for reflection, for simply being. There is a college Prayer Book where you can ask for prayers.

So if anything here interests you or intrigues you, call in on Rosie or contact her at rosie@carmel.ac.uk. You CAN make a difference to yourself, the college and the world!

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What our student's say...
'At Carmel, as well as concentrating on my studies, I also got involved in the chaplaincy. Here I found lots of new friends who I will always remember as they got me through all the tough studying I had to do to achieve the grades I did in the end.' (Stephanie Clieve)