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ALPS Value Added

ALPS Value Added

Carmel is in the top 2% of schools and colleges nationally!

Just as important as looking at league tables or A Level grades and pass rates, are the ‘value added’ scores produced by the Government’s A Level Performance System (ALPS). ALPS measures the distance travelled by students from their GCSE grades at school to their final A Level grades. These ‘value added’ scores are the best way to compare student achievements in schools and colleges.

The ALPS data was released in January for 2013 and once again it’s great news for students choosing to study at Carmel. The college is ranked in the top 2% of 1,122 schools and colleges nationally showing that whatever a student’s GCSE results, they will make fantastic progress at Carmel - a great start to a successful future!

Click here to view Carmel's official ALPS certificate.