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IQER Inspection 2009

In 2009, the provision of foundation programmes at Carmel College was inspected by QAA. The purpose of the inspection was to investigate and ensure the provision of HE programmes within the college were of a high quality in terms of academic standards, learning opportunities and management.

The IQER Inspection focused on three core themes:
Academic standards,
Quality of learning opportunities
Public information

The provision of HE Programmes at Carmel College scored highly in all three areas and the following strengths were highlighted:

“The Inspection Team has identified the following good practice for dissemination:

• the quality of teaching and the level of support provided by staff to their students
• the management and integration of the College’s higher education provision
• Handbooks (for staff and students)
• the aspirational and results-focused nature and attitude of the College’s higher education staff which has been a significant factor in enthusing and encouraging students to engage with and succeed in their learning”

The full inspection report can be found on the QAA website or follow the link below: